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Lenovo Presents Yoga Book Tablet/Sketchbook Hybrid

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The latest iteration of the Lenovo Yoga hybrid tablet concept is as curious as it gets-- the Lenovo Yoga Book might look like a laptop, but it replaces the physical keyboard with an oversized touch surface.

Yoga BookDescribed as a "2-in-1 tablet for productivity and creativity," the Yoga Book features a 10.1-inch 1920 x 1200 IPS touchscreen, and carries an Intel Atom X5 processor and a large 8500mAh battery. It comes in Windows 10 or Android (as modified with what Lenovo calls a "Book UI") versions, and is the thinnest Yoga device yet at 9.6mm closed.

However, the machine's most interesting feature remains, of course, the touch surface. Dubbed the "Create Pad," it is covered in rough, matte glass and comes complete with a Wacom stylus handling 2048 pressure levels and 100-degree angle detection. The result turns the Yoga Book into something akin to a Wacom digitiser tablet, if one with an attached display.

The Create Pad has another cool trick-- pressing a button summons a full touchscreen backlit keyboard whenever required. The keyboard lacks actual physical keys, but Lenovo insists a combination of built-in haptic feedback and learning software ensures a typing experience comparable with a physical keyboard.

Like other Yoga devices, the Yoga Book features a flexible watchband-style hinge able to rotate by up to 360-degrees, allowing users to fold it up for a variety of usage modes.

The Yoga Book goes on sale from October 2016, with the Android version coming in 2 colours ("Gunmetal Gray" and "Champagne Gold") and the Windows version in just one ("Carbon Black).

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