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Shanghai Stock Exchange Delays Ingram Buyout

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Tianjin Tianhai delays its acquisition of Ingram Micro after a demand for "details" by the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), the Wall Street Journal reports.

Ingram MicroAs a result,  the Chinese logistics giant was forced to postpone the shareholder meeting meant to rubber-stamp the €5.4 billion deal. The acquisition already got approval from 99.8% of Ingram investors earlier last month, and even the US Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice gave their go ahead.

However the SSE requires assurances on funding, and is examining whether the transaction bank loan size, duration, interest rates and outlay will "have a negative impact" on the companies involved. Also required are details on exit plans for a Chinese co-investors, potential financial risks and whether Tianjin Tianhai expects any further regulatory obstacles.

Another stumbling block faced by the deal is a lawsuit filed by an Ingram shareholder claiming the distributor "sold itself too cheaply and via an unfair process."

Ingram's health is also being put into question-- according to the WSJ, the SSE has repeatedly asked why the distribution giant has faced lower profit margins than its rivals over the past 3 years. Ingram started 2016 on something of a negative note, with Q1 global profits falling by over -60% Y-o-Y and flat net margins of around 0.02%.

The surprise Ingram takeover was announced last February, and was expected to close later during 2016. Tianjin Tianhai should hold the shareholder meeting on 29 July, after it sends all required information.

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