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A Desktop PC That is Also a Standing Desk

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Taiwanese case maker Lian-Li has a history of making PCs crammed in desks (or is it desks with PCs inside?), but it still manages to present a first with the DK-04-- a standing desk PC case.

Lian-Li DK-04Standing desks are something of a current fad insisting standing at a desk is more active than sitting in front of one, making it ideal for users wanting a (slightly) more active lifestyle. The DK-04 adheres to such requirements, since it has a motor allowing table height adjustments from 67.5 to 116cm.

Meanwhile the inside of the desk makes a chassis large enough to fit a PC featuring cooling through either four 120mm fans or water cooling using either one 120x480mm radiator or two 120x240mm radiators. It supports full ATX and mATX motherboards and has space for four stacking rubber-isolated drive racks, while the front panels includes four USB 3.0 ports, HD audio inputs and RGB controller slots for an optional lighting kit.

The DK-04 ships from May 2016.

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