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Facebook Live Gets First Camera

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The annual F8 developer conference had Facebook release the API of the Live video streaming feature, an announcement accompanied by the reveal of a first compatible camera-- the Livestream Mevo.

Movi cameraFormerly known as the Movi back when it was announced at CES 2016, the Mevo is a small cylindrical camera. Armed with a wide angle lens, it shoots 4K video and features software allowing users to essentially split a 4K image into multiple separate 1080p video feeds acting as virtual camera angles.

Users can live edit between the multiple feeds via mobile app, turning the camera into a miniature multi-camera video streaming setup. One can also pan and zoom around the 4K image, employ facial tracking and even let the software do the editing for them.

Being portable the Mevo carries an own battery, if one allowing for just 1 hour of recording. An optional add-on bumps up the amount to 10 hours.

Mevo preorders are already open, with shipments to start on July 2016.

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