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Samsung Mass Produces 10nm DDR4 DRAM

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Samsung starts mass production of the first 10-nanometre (nm) class 8Gb DDR4 DRAM chips in the industry, the result of advanced memory design and manufacturing technology integration.

10nm DRAM According to the company 10nm-class chips bring about improvements in both data rates and power efficiency over previous 20nm-class chips, with 30% better performance, support for data rates up to 3200Mbps and 10-20% less power consumption. In addition, Samsung says 10nm DRAM production can also bring about savings to customers, since the production process improves wafer productivity of 20nm Gb DDR4 DRAM by over 30%.

Production of the chips involves a proprietary cell design technology, QPT (quadruple patterning technology) lithographytogether with ultra-thin dielectric deposition technology.

Products featuring 10nm DDR4 technology available for products ranging from smartphones to consumer PCs and enterprise servers will roll out throughout 2016.

Go Samsung Starts Mass Producing Industry's First 10nm-Class DRAM