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HP, SanDisk Team Up in Storage Class Memory

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HP and SanDisk announce a collaboration in Storage Class Memory (SCM), one involving the combination of HP Memristor technology and SanDisk non-volatile ReRAM in the creation of new Memory-driven Computing solutions.

HP Sandisk StorageThe partnership also covers the enhancement of solid state storage solutions.

According to the two companies, the resultant SCM technology will be 1000 faster and offer up to 1000 times more endurance than flash storage, as well as offer "significant" cost, power, density and persistent improvements over DRAM. Thus it will allow for systems employing "tens of terabytes (TB) of SCM per server node for applications such as in-memory databases, real-time data analytics, transactional and high-performance computing."

“The onslaught of data facing enterprises will continue to be a challenge for the foreseeable future. We are excited to be working with SanDisk as they share an understanding of the significance of this challenge, and more importantly share a vision that the solution lies within Memory-Driven Computing,” HP says. “Together, we plan to bring new memory solutions to market and accelerate adoption in the enterprise, while simultaneously advancing HP’s development of The Machine to enable a new computing model over the long term.”

Meanwhile, in unrelated SanDisk news Bloomberg reports the storage maker is looking for a buyer. Unnamed "people with knowledge of the matter" claim Micron and Western Digital are already in talks over the possible acquisition, one stock markets suggest would cost around $12.6 billion.

However such a purchase probably requires the blessing of Toshiba, since SanDisk operates flash memory plants with the Japanese company.

Go SanDisk and HP Launch Partnership to Create Memory-Driven Computing Solutions

Go SanDisk Said to be Working with Bank to Explore Sale (Bloomberg)