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Windows 10 Reaches Launch

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Microsoft says it is the start of a new era-- one where customers put Windows 8 firmly behind-- as Windows 10 reaches official launch, with celebrations taking place in 13 different countries.

Windows 10 LaunchThe OS is available as a free update to Windows 7 and 8 users in 190 countries. In addition a new Windows Store is open, and developers get a companion Windows Software Development Kit.

Windows 10 promises to combine the best of Windows 7 and 8, with the Start button, taskbar and desktop modes of the former and the touch-friendly UI features of the latter. Microsoft also says it is the most secure version of the OS yet (with enhanced Windows Defender and Smart Screen), while switching between different devices should be smoother through the Continuum feature.

Further additions include the Cortana digital assistant, the Edge browser Internet Explorer replacement and a slew of revamped apps, including touch-friendly versions of the Office suite.

“A new era of Windows starts today. From the beginning, Windows 10 has been unique-- built with feedback from over 5 million fans, delivered as a service and offered as a free upgrade," Windows chief Terry Myerson says. "Windows 10 delivers on our more personal computing vision, with a natural, mobile and trusted experience. Along with our partners, we’re excited to deliver the best Windows ever, which will empower people and organisations around the world to do great things.”

Windows performance

One might wonder whether Windows 10 adoption will be a hit or a flop. One way to look at such things is through the lens of history, specifically through the above Statista chart compiling the global market share of Windows 7 and 8 in the 12 months following release. Will the efforts in undoing the missteps of Windows 8 lead to 7 levels of success, we wonder?

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