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Better Wifi Through Eero

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According to San Francisco-based Eero home networking needs to be more like its enterprise equivalent through a mesh network formed by multiple cloud-connected wireless routers dubbed, well, Eero.

Eero routerThe Eero amounts to a router, wireless access point and range extender inside a small, white box. It features dual-wifi radios for simultaneous 2.4 and 5GHz connections, 802.11a/b/ac support and built-in Bluetooth 4.0, and according to the company provides up to 1000 square feet (around 92 square metres) of 50-100mbps wifi coverage. Thus the average house requires multiple Eeros, which is where the makers claim cleverness as the routers pair automatically to form an instant mesh network.

Eero also promises painless setup via mobile device (iOS or Android) app, as well as a cloud-connected component ensuring router software is up to date.

The mobile app also allows for easy guest management-- one can either send visitors a text message with all network information or, if they have the Eero app, can get automatic access.

The Eero is available on a preorder basis as either one device or a pack of three.

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