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HomePlug Alliance Gets AV2 Certification

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The HomePlug Alliance announces the availability of HomePlug AV2 MIMO certification for powerline networking products, as well as the launch of the first HomePlug AV2 certified products, at CES 2015.

HomeplugProducts and CES demos come from HomePlug Alliance members Broadcom, Qualcomm Atheros, D-Link and LEA Networks.

“HomePlug AV2 MIMO products are available now in retail stores worldwide, and many service providers are expected to include HomePlug AV2 MIMO technology in IPTV offerings,” the alliance says. “With MIMO technology, the next generation of HomePlug technology has arrived, delivering much higher data throughput and coverage.”

HomePlug AV2 technology is ideal for hybrid home networks handling large amounts of data for UHD video and IoT applications. It supports MIMO with beamforming (doubles rate coverage according to the alliance), and includes repeater functionality, power save modes (active, standby and idle) and interoperability with HomePlug AV and PHY devices.

Also provided is enhanced support for apartment environments allowing for maximum throughput of neighboring networks.

Go HomePlug Alliance Enhances Whole-Home Networking with HomePlug AV2 MIMO Certification