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Toy Bird Becomes Bionic Drone

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One of the more charming CES 2015 offerings brings to mind a childhood toy-- the Bionic Bird is a 21st century update on the mechanical toy bird, being an app-controlled flying drone created by the grandson of the creator of the original Tim Bird.

Bionic BirdInitially funded back in November 2014 on Indiegogo, the Bionic Bird is described by its creators as nothing less than a "furtive drone." Like the mechanical bird toys of old it does little more than flap its wings to fly, if with the inclusion of battery power and remote control via Bluetooth, mobile device and companion iOS and Android app.

Taking care of charging duties is an egg-shaped "Turbo-Charge" accessory holding enough power to charge 10 flights lasting up to 8 minutes each.

The Bionic Bird is available now on a preorder basis, with shipments to take flight from February 2015. The makers hope to use the reorders to fund further development on the concept, such as versions featuring stationary flight and even an on-board camera.

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