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Chromebooks Gaining Traction Says ABI

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According to ABI Research global Q2 2014 Chromebook shipments are up by 67% Q-o-Q, and are set to double in size on a Y-o-Y basis as the low-cost Google-powered laptops start finding a place within the overall PC market.

Chromebook“Consumers are hungry for a product that is cost effective but also provides the versatility and functionality of a laptop,” the analyst says. “The growth of the Chromebook market demonstrates a niche that is gaining traction among consumers.”

Chromebooks first entered the market in late 2013, a time of declining notebook and rising tablet sales. However H1 2014 saw a shift in consumer preferences with a revival of the notebook market-- and while Chromebooks might simply be a fad (like notebooks before them) format might also be part of a longer term trend.

“Chromebooks may have more of a place in the market than originally anticipated, especially as more vendors jump on board and sales continue to grow," ABI continues.

When it comes to vendors Acer is in the lead, together with Samsung and HP. The top 3 account for 74% of H1 2014 shipments, and ABI expects them to maintain control through H2 2014.

On a geographical basis N. America accounts for 78% of the 2014 Chromebook market, but W. Europe is expected to grow in market share by 2019.

Go Chromebook Shipments Increase by 67% as Acer Dominates (ABI Research)