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You’ve Been “Apptimized.”

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The problem of installing desktop or virtualized software across the company has been “apptimized;” now it’s as easy as application-packaging-as -a-service.

Today businesses buy software they can’t use,” says Vincent Weberink, CEO of Apptimzed.

Vincent Weberink, CEO of Apptimzed.

And he’s right.

It’s not that companies are buying faulty applications or useless software packages. No, instead they are usually buying excellent software—software that’s usually vital for employees to perform their daily jobs.

Yet once bought, that software still can’t be used straight away. It needs to go through an expert process called “application packaging” to configure and prepare it for deployment in the company’s IT infrastructure. A process that can be days or weeks or months, depending upon the company’s process and capabilities.

And if this is crazy, it’s made even more absurd by the fact we have become inured, accustomed to this “lag” between purchase and use. Imagine buying an auto and having to wait days or weeks to on-board anyone wishing to drive…who would put up with such a major inconvenience?

Why does application packaging exist in the first place? After purchasing the software, IT needs to define the business rules and the software configuration for this application so that it works well and works without causing any issues in the IT infrastructure. Programming skills are required to add these rules-- and that type of configuration programming is complicated even for IT mortals.

Locating source media, scheduling time with end-users to understand their requirements, defining installation instructions and then coordinating with an “Expert Application Packager” (who will need yet more input from you during testing and approval phases)-- by the time the job is done, you could be tied up for weeks or months.

Most corporate IT departments routinely call up “application packagers.” But smaller businesses haven't been invited to the party. Building packaged apps has always been a slow, labour-intensive operation that only the largest players can afford....

Traditional application packaging is slow and expensive because it relies on outdated techniques.

Apptimzed wants to disrupt our traditional application packaging process, to re-invent the way software gets shared on our networks.

Apptimized’s solution is classic: it automates a manual, time-consuming process. Who would have guessed—in a world where software disrupts everything else—that software innovation could come so close to home?

Application Packaging as-a-Service enables IT pros to now create custom-configured packaged desktop software for worry-free installations across the whole company.

'Application Packaging as-a-Service' is a simpler, faster and cheaper way to obtain packaged apps. Apptimized users can—in moments-- configure and build packaged desktop apps that are ready for installation or streaming.

How It Works: To take away the pain of company-wide rollouts, Apptimized puts the end user software inside the custom-built 'wrappers,' meta-programs that automate the business rules, the configuration and the actual installation processes across multiple devices... whether the task in hand is security patching, update management, OS migration, or the virtualization of an entire workplace.


Apptimized users upload their Windows Installer (MSI) files, carry out in-browser 'discoveries' to define their installation configuration instructions, and input any custom packaging settings via a simple and intuitive UI. The system responds by building a ready-to-deploy packaged desktop application in 'installable' (MSI, MST) or 'streamed' (App-V) format, the completed package becoming available for download in a few minutes. You don't need any “expert” knowledge of application packaging to use it.

Here's Apptimized in five steps.


  • Log on to the online self-service counter and upload your source media
  • Apptimized analyzes the configuration of your software
  • Define your own packaging settings-- or fine-tune the built-in defaults
  • Start the automated packaging process...
  • Ready to Download and deploy


The process will take just a few minutes, even if you've never packaged an app in your life. You’ve been Apptimized.

“Apptimized can be done by any one, by any type of business… you don’t need specific tools and it’s faster by an order of magnitude. We wanted something that would improve our customers' experience of the Application Packaging process a hundred times over... as well as making it accessible to every business,” says Weberink.

While independent software vendors can use Apptimized to make life easier for their clients, Apptimized is also looking to resellers and VARs who want to be solution providers.

If a reseller or VAR doesn’t currently offer application packaging services, it’s probably because application packaging is a headache of a job. With Apptimized, any reseller or VAR can offer a new service that makes them a hero…saving time and money these days can make you a superhero with IT managers facing falling IT department budgets.

In large companies, it can easily cost 1200-2000 euros to buy application packaging services for a single package (as well as the cost of the time as usage is delayed). Now resellers can offer this significantly cheaper “instant” service with pricing more aligned to the purchase price of the software to be installed.

VARs can also brand their own Apptimized service, so it integrates well into their own websites.

“Application Packaging really doesn't get much simpler than Apptimized,” explains Weberink.

The company offers a free trial to put Apptimized to the test.

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