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Broadcom Intros "Most Powerful" 5G Wifi Chip

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Broadcom claims to double the wifi performance in upcoming smartphones and tablets with the BCM4358, a 5G 802.11ac wifi 2x2 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) combo chip.

Broadcom mobileMIMO technology uses multiple antennas for both transmitter and receiver. It is already found in the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display.

"The combination of 5G WiFi and 2x2 MIMO unlocks the full potential of today's smartphones and tablets. These technologies are becoming de facto requirements for connectivity in high-end mobile devices," the company says. "With the BCM4358 we are addressing critical multi-radio interference challenges while setting a new bar for performance that reflects Broadcom's continued commitment to be first to deliver the most powerful solutions in the market."

According to Broadcom the BCM4358 pushes 650Mbps wifi data throughput, with 50% better coexistence performance with Bluetooth. It also improves location accuracy down to 1m, allowing for better indoor location-based services.

It is not known if the iPhone 6 carries the chip, but Apple uses Broadcom chips in its 802.1ac-enabled Macs, namely the MacBook Air, Retina MacBook Air and the iMac.

The BCM4358 is currently in production, and should appear in mobile devices available from Q3 2014.

Go Broadcom Combo Chip Doubles Wifi Performance for High-End Smartphones and Tablets