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ECS Intros Smallest Mini-PC Kit

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Liva mini PCECS claims the smallest Windows-based mini-PC in the world with the Liva, a self-assembling 118 x 70 x 56mm package offering "all the features of much larger PCs."

It carries a 2GHz Intel Bay Trail-M dual-core CPU on a BAT-MINI motherboard together with 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD and connectivity via wifi, Bluetooth and ethernet.

Ports include HDMI, VGA and x2 USB, while power comes through 5V/15W micro USB port allowing operation using a smartphone battery pack.

ECS suggests customers can use the Liva as a secondary or home theatre PC, as it should be powerful enough for tasks such as internet browsing, streaming and downloading, as well as basic applications and casual games.

The mini-PC kit should be available soon.

Go ECS Liva Mini-PC Kit