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The Smallest Wireless Scanner Yet?

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Switzerland-based Dacuda presents what it claims is the smallest wireless scanner in the world-- the PocketScan, a compact scanner able to, well, scan and transfer images to PCs and mobile devices.

PocketScanThe PocketScan measures 95 x 27 x 50mm, weights 85g and connects to devices via Bluetooth. It scans images at resolutions of 400dpi or higher, and features SLAM Scan technologies for what Dacuda say is "true what-you-see-is-what-you-get" scans.

To scan users simply need to move the scanner across an image or text of choice, with an RGB imager, 1600cpi laser sensor and a gyroscope taking care of scanning duties. Power comes from a rechargeable battery Dacuda claims lasts for up to 400 scans.

In addition it also features OCR technology with text recognition and translation in over 30 languages, as well as Microsoft Office and social network integration.

Like many novel devices the PocketScan is currently available on a preorder basis on Kickstarter, where it already reached an initial $50000 goal. Once the campaign is over the device ships December 2014.

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