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The New Matter 3D Printer

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It seems a week can't pass by without a story involving an affordable consumer 3D printer, and won't you know it here's another one-- the New Matter MOD-t, a device promising "affordable and easy" 3D printing.

Modt printerJust launched as an Indiegogo crowdfunding/preorder campaign, the MOD-t differs from similar printers (such as the M3D Micro or MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact) in being a white box holding a motorised print bed, over which a printhead hovers atop a pair of metal rods.

New Matter says this design features "dramatically" fewer parts, allowing for an "ingenious" 2-axis motion system-- essentially the printed moves from side to side while the printhead moves up and down, eliminating the need for a gantry system or elaborate calibration and bringing down production costs.

It prints via PLA plastic filament, with print speeds of 80mm per second, 02-0.4mm layer resolution and maximum object size of around 10 x 15 x 13cm.

Pushing the "easy to use" angle further is the promise of software allowing customers to easily design, customise and share objects with other users.

"We’re entering an exciting time where more and more people are being inspired by the possibilities of using 3D printing to customize the world around them,” the company says. “To truly make 3D printing accessible to everyone, we had to create a unified hardware and software experience that encourages people to explore and share their creations.”

As mentioned earlier the MOD-t is currently available as an Indiegogo preorder, but following the campaign New Matter hopes the printer starts shipping from May 2015 with a retail price of $250.

Go New Matter MOD-t Indiegogo Campaign

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