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VR Goggles for One's Smartphone

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Customers want an Oculus Rift-style virtual reality headset, but can't afford one? Polish vendor De JET Works might have a solution with the Vrizzmo, a smartphone-powered VR headset costing all of €50.

VrizzmoFirst seen at the Digital Dragons games industry conference, the Vrizzmo combines a head harness, optical lenses and an app. One simply slots in a smartphone (4.7-inch or larger), and the optics turn movies, games or pictures shown on the companion app into VR-friendly images.

Smartphone gyroscopes provide a head-tracking 3D effect.

De JET Works says the Vrizzmo is even superior to the Oculus Rift in at least one way-- it is easily upgradeable, since users can replace their smartphones with a newer model, and the app can be simply updated. It also requires no tethering to PCs or other external hardware.

The company gives no word when the Virzzmo will hit the market, but it will hand out development kits from June 2014.

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