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Huawei Launches Ascend P7

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Huawei takes another stab at high-end Android smartphones with the Ascend P7, a successor to the P6 featuring a 5-inch 1920x1080 display, 4G LTE connectivity and a 1.8GHz quad-core CPU.

Ascend P7According to the company, the device features a 7-layer surface treatment on the back for a "high-quality look and feel" and a "luxurious metallic appearance and exquisite micro pattern."

One feature Huawei insists on touting is the front-facing camera-- an 8MP number with a non-spherical lens and a panorama function for better, err, panoramic and group selfies (or "groufies"). Users can even take selfie videos at 1080p resolution, a "beauty" mode includes 10 level auto-facial enhancement and users even get a bulit-in mirror function and a selfie preview window.

Meanwhile the rear-facing camera features a 13MP image processing chip claiming sensitivity settings of up to ISO 3600.

The Ascend P7 will be available in European markets from May 2014 with a variety of accessories, including protective cases, clamshell screen covers and portable batteries.

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