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The Mink 3D Printer.. for Makeup

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Outside of mad CES demos the worlds of makeup and printing hardly ever get to meet-- if until now, as self-described "serial inventor" Grace Choi reveals the Mink, a small 3D printer allowing one to create makeup, not cheap plastic doodads.

MinkIt might sound more than a bit weird, but Choi has a very sound concept behind the device. You see most, if not all, makeup is made from the same set of basic ingredients, and pricing markups are based on either scale (i.e. common pinks and reds are cheaper than more exotic colours) and branding. Thus Choi suggests customers should simply dump the middleman and mix pigments with powder, cream and other such materials and make their own cosmetics. Smart, no?

The actual device carries proprietary hardware, but works with common image editing software. One simply needs to pick a colour from any source (photos, websites, videos), drop the hex code in the Photoshop or MS and press print to create custom blush, eye shadow, lip gloss or what have you.

No word is available on when the Mink will actually be available, but it will be targeted at younger (13-21) customers with no fixed loyalty towards particular brands or retailers.

Watch Mink Makeup Printer Demo

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