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Mini-ITX Systems Get CPU Cooler

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PC cooling component maker Cryorig announces the C1-- a CPU cooler aimed at customers building mini-ITX- or mico-ATX-based systems with a total height of just 7.4cm.

Cryorig“ITX systems now are housing high performance, high TDP CPUs and GPUs," the company says. "Cooling these crucial components is an even greater challenge in these tight spaces […] the C1 is a solution that has outstanding performance for its size, and provides a great user experience thanks to its hassle free easy installation and robust accessories. Everything you need is in the box.”

The C1 is a low-profile cooler featuring a solid copper, nickel-plated baseplate, 6 copper heatpipes and a "silent 40mm PWM fan". It weighs 628g, measures 144.5x140x74mm (thus fitting 17cm-square mini-ITX motherboards) and uses "U-Type" heatpipes to direct heat away from critical components.

Meanwhile the fan features HPLN (High Precision Low Noise) bearings, and customers can replace it with the higher-performance 25.4mm thick Cryorig XF140 fan.

The package includes fittings for all Intel and AMD boards and should be available in European markets from June 2014.

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