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iPad Replacement: Like TVs, Not iPhones?

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According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) the iPad replacement cycle is more akin to Macs or TVs not iPhones, as consumers appear to stick longer to their older tablets.

iPad replacementThe report comes from a survey of 2000 US iPhone, iPad or Mac buyers in 2013. It shows iPhones have an approximate 2-year lifespan, as tied to contract duration. Once the contract ends customers get a new model, even if the previous device was in good condition.

On the other hand iPad and Mac users tend to be loyal to their devices for longer, buying a new one only after 2-4 years. And unlike iPhone users recycling older devices via sale or trade-in services, iPad users are twice more likely to give obsolete devices to friends or family members.

The statistics on the replacement of lost or broken devices are also unusual-- 80% of lost/broken iPhones get replaced within 2 days, while damaged Mac or iPad replacement can take over a week.

"We think Apple would prefer the iPad become a big iPhone," the analyst concludes. "We suspect... that it's as much like a Mac, TV, or iPod, with less frequent replacement."

The CIRP tablet replacement numbers confirm another report on the matter-- IDC recently adjusted 2014 tablet growth forecasts to 19.4%, down from 51.6% in 2013. As the analyst puts it, "few [customers] are feeling compelled to upgrade the same way they did in years past, and that's having an impact on growth rates."

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