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Even the Toothbrush Gets Smart

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Mobile World Congress 2014 hosts more than smartphone and tablet launches-- Oral-B makes an appearance at the show with the SmartSeries 7000, a toothbrush with Bluetooth connectivity.

Oral_BThe toothbrush connects to smartphones equipped with an Oral-B app and, as the company puts it, guides users through fully personalised brushing routines. As one does.

Meanwhile the app monitors brushing progress in realtime, telling users to move to different parts of the mouth or whether they are brushing too hard. It also allows dentists program individual brushing programs according patient needs.

"It will guide you in terms of how to brush, and you will be able to fully personalize the brushing routine for you," the company tells Reuters.

As odd as it sounds, the Oral-B is not the first company to reveal a connected toothbrush-- that peculiar honour belongs to Kolibree, whose take on the newly mined device category was revealed back at CES 2014.

But will connectivity truly improve dental hygiene around the world? The Oral-B smart toothbrush hits Germany in limited quantities "this spring," with a global rollout to take place on June 2014.

Go Oral-B SmartSeries

Go P&G Smart Toothbrush Keeps Tabs on Tooth Care (Reuters)