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BenQ Intros G-Sync Monitors

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BenQ launches two gaming monitors armed with Nvidia G-Sync technology at CES 2014-- the 24-inch XL2420G and 27-inch XL2720G, both promising to eliminate issues of the image tearing, stuttering and latency variety.

BenQ monitorThe monitors also feature RevolutionEyes, a BenQ technology providing more comfortable viewing with ZeroFlicker (eliminates LED flicker issues), Black Equaliser (adjusts brightness without over-exposing white levels) and Low Blue Light (automatically adjusts blue light emissions) capabilities.

Refresh rate rates clock at 144GHz with GTG response time.

G-Sync gaming modes come in 3 varieties-- G-Sync (smooth low-latency gaming), Low Motion Blur (CRT-style sharpness) and 3D Vision. The Nvidia technology synchronises monitor refresh rates with that of the GPU, thus reducing screen tearing, stutter and input lag.

Go XL2420G and XL2720G G-Sync monitors are expected to ship in Q1 2014.

Go BenQ Releases G-Sync Gaming Monitors