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Major Advance in Monitor Calibration Software

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SpectraCal releases what they claim is “the most powerful calibration software ever made available for personal computer monitors:” CalMAN RGB.

“We’ve been able to calibrate computer monitors precisely before,” Derek Smith, SpectraCal’s founder and Chief Technical Officer, explains “And there have been one-button monitor calibration solutions for a long time. What’s new is being able to do both. There’s never been a fast, automated solution that provides the level of accuracy CalMAN RGB delivers.”

For most users, calibrating a computer monitor with CalMAN RGB will be as simple as centering a meter on their screen and pushing a button.


CalMAN RGB coordinates three levels of monitor correction.

  • First, using Direct Display Control (DDC), it adjusts the settings in the monitor itself.
  • Second, it writes a corrective look-up table (LUT) into the video card via operating system interfaces to correct white balance and the black-to-white transition curve (usually referred to as gamma).
  • Finally, it creates an ICC profile that applications can use to ensure color correctness.

CalMAN RGB handles multiple monitors, and will automatically load the right profiles to the right monitors when, for example, a laptop is moved from a home environment with one secondary monitor to a work environment with another.

This new software was developed with the same technology as the company’s high-end display calibration software used in environments such as medical imaging and video production.

The product is currently available for an introductory price of $149 and is bundled with a SpectraCal C3 colorimeter.

Go CalMAN RGB, Sold Directly from SpectraCal’s Web Site