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Microsoft Returns to CES

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One company is reportedly coming back to CES 2014-- Microsoft, whose final major appearance at the Las Vegas event was back in 2012 led declarations of "the beginning of the end" of the show from at least some pundits.

Microsoft CES The news comes via BBC interview with CEA president Gary Shapiro, who says "Microsoft is officially back in the International CES... They are taking out significant space in meeting rooms-- it's actually a larger presence than I believe they have ever had."

Shapiro continues "we have had a tremendous partnership [with Microsoft] going back to the very beginning. You know, we had one little blip this year... but now we're happy to have them back with a physical presence."

Why would Microsoft want to return to CES instead of focusing on own events? CCS Insight tells the BBC the company missed "an opportunity to really assert the Windows 8 story" at CES 2012. It also needs to assert the position of Windows Phone among all the Android smartphone vendors, especially following the Nokia handset unit acquisition.

Mind the company was still present at CES 2013, if in heavily muted form-- the company simply took advantage of the event to hold private meetings with partners, customers and select members of the press. And while it had no keynote CEO Steve Ballmer did not resist the lure of the spotlight, literally running to the stage at the memorably bizarre Qualcomm keynote.

The BBC also gives further peaks into CES 2014. Sadly enough Qualcomm does not doing a keynote, since Intel and Audi are holding "tech titans keynote" events instead. Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Huawei and Toyota will also hold press conferences and stands, while Apple, of course, remains absent.

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