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John McAfee to Fight the NSA

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Antivirus pioneer turned self-described "eccentric millionaire" John McAfee still has some fight left-- so much so he is ready to take on the NSA with a gadget promising miniature darknets for everyone.

McafeeDubbed "D-Central" by the alleged fraudster/murder suspect/bath salt enthusiast, the as-yet-unbuilt device will supposedly cost less than $100 and, in a few words, provides public or private localised dynamic networks (or "floating" networks) through which users can anonymously communicate and share files.

While not designed to replace the internet, the D-Central will have a range of around 3 city blocks and be compatible with iPhones and Android devices.

"There will be no way (for the government) to tell who you are or where you are," McAfee announced at the inaugural C2SV conference, before claiming he will sell the D-Central anywhere else in the world should the US government decide to ban its sale. "This is coming and cannot be stopped."

The idea of private darknets might sound far fetched, but something similar already exists in Athens, Greece, where hackers built a parallel, private internet using a "mesh" of rooftop wifi antennas. Known as the Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network, this internet alternative has over 1000 users and hosts blogs, forums, live movie streams and even a mini search engine with speeds ranging from 15 to 100Mbps.

John McAfee's return to the security business (as opposed to sensationalist news articles) comes a few months after his starring in a rather wonderful video detailing the uninstallation of the antivirus software bearing the McAfee name. The NSFW video is free of actual technical advice, but is instead replete with cursing, drug use, ladies wearing very little and actual violence on PCs. Enjoy, if you haven't already.

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