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IEEE Kicks Off High Efficiency WLAN Group

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IEEE creates the IEEE 802.11 High Efficiency WLAN (HEW) study group, with the aim to enhance the efficiency and performance of current WLAN deployments-- creating a new wifi standard in the process.

wifiThe study group will consider use cases including dense network environments with large numbers of access points and stations.

Expressing interest in the future HEW project are over 300 individuals from equipment and silicon vendors, service providers, carriers, systems integrators, consultant organisations and academic institutions from over 20 countries. The IEEE 802.11 HEW study group meets up during IEE 802.11 WLAN working group meetings.

Better known as "wifi," the IEEE 802.11 standard underpins wireless networking around the world, and remains relevant with the emergence of applications such as smart grid, wireless docking and the so called "internet of things."

Go IEEE 802.11 High Efficiency WLAN Study Group Created