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EU and Japan Invest €18m in Faster Internet

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ECThe EU joins forces with Japanese authorities to invest €18 million in 6 separate projects researching ways to increase network efficiency-- with one project aiming to build networks reaching speeds of up to 19.7Mbps.

"Our Future Internet should know no barriers, least of all barriers created because we did not prepare for the data revolution,” EC VP Neelie Kross says.

The Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Commications (MIC) and National Institute of ICT (NCT) take part, together with the likes of Orange, Telefonica, NEC, Panasonic, NTT, KDDI, ADVA, STMicroelectronics and Intel.

According to the EC the word generates 1.7m bytes of data per minute-- and such data traffic will grow 12-fold by 2018.

The 6 projects cover topics ranging from the use of existing radio frequencies to boost mobile connections, cyber security and energy efficiency, and are as follows:

  • STRAUSS: fibre optic networks faster than 100Gbps
  • MiWEBA: use of existing radio frequencies to boost ultra-high speed ad mobile connections
  • NECOMA: new metrics to evaluate cyber attacks and their potential impact
  • GreenICN: energy efficient information networks
  • ClouT: real-time sensor control in smart city operations
  • FELIX: joint EU-Japan experimental platforms testing new network technologies

Go EU and Japan Join Forces to Tackle Data Explosion