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The Blu-ray/iTunes Combo Server

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Mozaex launches the Chroma multi-room entertainment server-- a device series the company claims is the first to legally support Blu-ray playback, the iTunes store and the Ultraviolet movie service.

Mozaex ChromaThe Chroma does not ship with unlicensed decryption software, thus avoiding the legal troubles plaguing the likes of Kaleidescape.

The "iBLU" feature handles both iTunes and Blu-ray discs, while iPlay allows the control of iTunes libraries with iDevice Remote app, complete with Apple Airport support (via Express unit).

The Chroma itself is not a single product, but a collection of separately sold device forming the multimedia server. It consists of the Chroma integrated Player and storage server (available with either 1 or 4TB storage), the Player BD (adds Blu-ray playback), the Player ND (Blu-ray player with no Blu-ray drive), the Sonnet (wireless music-only player) and the Stor (3TB external USB storage unit).

Adding further non-Mozaex USB or eSATA storage requires the payment of an additional license fee.

Users can add unlimited Sonnet music players to the system, allowing multi-room iTunes audio and other online media. The unit ships with a RF remote and is compatible with 3rd party systems from Control4, Vantage, Elan g! and Crestron.

Go Mozaex Ships Chroma Multi-Room Entertainment Server