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Microsoft's War for the Living Room Continues

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Microsoft plans to turn the Xbox 360 into even more than just a games console/online media player combination-- Xbox SmartGlass promises to unite all screens in the house (including mobile devices) with the machine.

Xbox SmartglassXbox SmartGlass is a wifi remote app. It allows users to control both video and game content with tablets or smartphones, using the Xbox 360 console as a hub.

First seen at E3 2012, the app also acts as a second screen-- showing extra video content depending on the content on screen. One interesting E3 demo uses HBO TV series Game of Thrones, with an interactive map on the tablet while the console plays an episode.

The app will be available for both iDevices and Androids, as well as (obviously) Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

According Microsoft, more American customers are using the console to consume media than playing online video games through Xbox Live apps for services such as Netflix and Hulu. European customers can access content from the BBC (UK), Telefonica (Spain), ZDF (Germany) and MediaSet (Italy).

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