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Jack Tramiel Dead at 83

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Commodore International founder Jack Tramiel passed away Sunday April 8 at age 83, Forbes reports.

Jack TramielTramiel was born in Poland to a a Jewish family in 1928. During WWII his family was imprisoned in Auschwitz, after which he and his father were sent to a German labour camp.

He emigrated to the US in 1947 where he started a typewriter repair business, Commodore Portable Typewriter. The company evolved throughout the years, replacing typewriters with digital calculators and home computers.

In 1982 Commodore International launched the iconic Commodore 64, dominating the 1980s PC market with aggressive business pracises and price cuts-- making computing affordable for the masses.

After being forced to leave Commodore in 1984, Tramiel bought the Atari Consumer Division-- forming the Atari Corporation and overseeing the development of the Atari 2600jr, Atari 7800, Atari Lynx and the Jaguar.

Surviving Tramiel are his wife Helen and their 3 sons, Gary, Sam and Leonard.

Go Computer Legend and Gaming Pioneer Jack Tramiel Dies at Age 83 (Forbes)