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Market Trends - Stats

8 EU States Ahead of US in Broadband

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8 EU States Ahead of US in BroadbandDenmark, Finland, Netherlands and Sweden are world leaders in broadband with penetration rates over 30% by end of 2007, says the European Commission’s 13th Progress Report on the Single Telecoms Market.


UK, Belgium, Luxembourg and France also had penetration rates higher than US (22.1%) in July 2007. 19 million broadband lines were added in the EU in 2007 (more than 50,000 households every day). The broadband sector generated revenues of € 62 billion and Europe’s overall penetration Continue reading...

802.11n Router: Prices Drop 6.7% in January.

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Context SalesWatch Distribution (data for France, Germany &UK) says the Average Selling Price (ASP) of 802.11n routers reached 111 euro in January 2008 (down 6.7% from 119 (excl. VAT) in Dec. 2007).


Vendors with the most significant ASP drops in January: Linksys (94 euros), Belkin (91 euros), U.S. Robotics (110 euros), AVM (152 euros) and SMC (43 euros). Distributor pricing was mostly stable for other vendors such as Netgear, D-Link, and slightly upwards for Apple.

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EC to Spend Billions for Industrial R&D on Embedded

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Just before CeBIT opened, the European Commission launched a €2.5 billion Joint Technology Initiative called ARTEMIS to address embedded computer systems that – while running almost unnoticed by users – improve the performance of all kinds of machines: from cars, planes and phones, to factories, washing machines and televisions.

An enormous opportunity for systems integrators that shifts commercial attention to industrial B2B commerce, more than 4 billion embedded processors were Continue reading...

EC: Stop The Carousel Ride

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EC: Stop The Carousel Ride

Critics of the EU often point to the abuse of structural funds (€703m, up 17% with 60 out of 95 audited projects showing “material errors” in last audit.)

Yet, this fraud pales when compared to VAT fraud, a crime typically associated with our industry, with our small-but-valuable (and easily portable) components and devices such as chips and phones.

Carousel and VAT fraud is a giant that dwarves Europeans' other favorite financial fiddles, For example, carousel fraud accounted Continue reading...

EMEA Printer Market is Up

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The combo printer, copier and multifunctional product (MFP) shipments in EMEA in 2007 totaled 52.6-million units, up 4,3% says Gartner.

This year of growth was driven by demand for MFPs, which outsold printers. Colour-page devices grew again in EMEA (up 34%) but monochrome-page was the predominant office choice (up 18% and 85% share of the page market).

HP held Number 1 position while Lexmark lost market-share trying to pull out of the lower end of the market to focus on high-end workgroup space. Continue reading...

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