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The Channel for Business Product Sales Will Flatten-- and be Dominated by a Small Number of Mega Channels

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By Braham Shnider

Braham ShniderThe sale of physical products (something with a SKU number) and some horizontal-based consumption based services (mainly IaaS) will be dominated by a small number of mega channels. In this blog I will deal with why this is going to happen, what the future will look like and the implications for us all.

Let’s begin with “Why?”

As I wrote in an earlier blog, we as individual consumers are increasingly using B2C digital sales channels over traditional consumer channels. Through advanced analytics, B2C digital sales channels know what and who we like or not, who we are influenced by, what we want to buy, how price sensitive we are etc. As B2B customers, many of us also want this hyper-personalized customer experience in the B2B buying process. Most business customers prefer to do their own research using search, social media, chat, blogs etc.

Twelve South Candle Promises to "Inspire"

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Twelve South candleTwelve South follows on last year's "New Mac" candle with a more inspirational "Mac Candle No. 2"-- the "Inspire" candle promises to, well, inspire with "strong notes of bergamot, lemon and tarragon."

The iDevice accessory maker claims the collection of scents will "clear your mind of clutter and stimulate creativity," which might make it ideal for customers using their Macs for creative tasks such as graphic design.

The Rugged Romeo Power Saber Battery

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Recently founded battery maker Romeo Power announces a first product-- the Saber, a rugged battery pack offering 23000mAh (or 86 watt-hours) of power, allowing it to charge a laptop twice.

Saber batteryFormed by former Tesla, SpaceX, Amazon and Faraday Future engineers, Romeo Power says it wanted to create a "personal power pack designed to recharge any digital device at full speed," be it smartphones, laptops or drones. The Saber is around the size of a water bottle, weighs 1kg and offers x1 USB-C, x2 USB-A (one 2.1A/10.5W, the other 1A/5W) and a variable AC outlet with a universal port.

“Saber is like having a wall socket in your pocket,” the company adds. “We created Saber to be the most advanced power pack available that gets you out the door faster than anyone else, and with a lifeproof design so consumers can have power wherever life takes them.”

Sonnet Intros Thunderbolt 3 to Dual HDMI Adapter

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Sonnet Technologies launches the Thunderbolt 3 to Dual HDMI 2.0 Adapter-- a means for customers to connect up to two 4K displays or one 5K displays to their Windows PC or Mac.

Sonnet adapterThe accessory connects to PCs, such as the 2016 MacBook, via Thunderbolt 3. It is plug-and play, and provides a pair of HDMI ports for the connection of monitors. The computer powers the adapter, meaning no external power supply is required, and native macOS and Windows support allows use without installation of separate driver software.

Razer Intros Webcam, Mic for Streamers

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Accessory maker Razer announces a pair of "streamer certified" peripherals-- the Kiyo, a webcam with built-in ring lighting, and the Seiren X USB condenser microphone.

Razer streamingThe Kiyo features an adjustable ring light with 12 white LEDs users can control to 12 levels of brightness. It has a 4MP camera able to record either 1080p video at 30fps or 720p video at 60fps, and is compatible with the XSplit and Open Broadcaster Software streaming tools. Connectivity comes through 1.5m braided USB 2.0 cable.

Meanwhile the Seiren X is the first microphone from Razer. It has 25mm condenser capsule, a tighter recording angle the company says is optimised for streaming and built-in shock mount to dampen vibrations. A desktop stand is included, and connectivity comes through USB and a zero-latency 3.5mm headphone monitoring jack.

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