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Malware Found in CCleaner Software!

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Piriform admits legitimate downloads of its CCleaner software carry a "multi-stage malware payload"-- essentially a backdoor allowing hackers to install ransomware or keyloggers to further infect PCs.

CCLeanerAccording to the company around 2.27 million users ran the affected software (specifically CCleaner version 5.33.6162 and CCleaner Cloud version 1.07.3191) following download from a hacked server. The company says the situation could have been a lot worse, since CCleaner gets around 5 million new users per month, for a total of over 2 billion downloads.

It also says the affected version is already updated, and it was "able to disarm the threat before it was able to do any harm" following initial warnings from security researchers at Cisco and Morphisec. According to the Cisco Talos research unit the affected CCleaner infects computers through the inclusion of remote administration tools that, once installed, connect to several unregistered websites in order to download more unauthorised programs.

Pi to Wirelessly Charge from a Distance

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Wireless charging is set to truly hit the mainstream with the iPhone 8, but a startup named Pi wants to further extend the reach of the technology-- specifically by 30cm, through the imaginatively named Pi Charger.

Pi ChargerAs debuted at the TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield event, the Pi Charger is a conical device able to charge multiple devices within around 30cm in any direction. It is not a full-room wireless charging offering, the the maker promises it actually works, and does so without need to put devices on a charging pad.

The technology behind the Pi Charger is resonant induction, the same used by the Qi standard found in the new iPhones. It is paired with a special beam forming algorithm allowing Pi to shape and direct the magnetic fields around the device. This allows users to charge a smartphone by putting it next to the charger, as opposed to directly on it.

Microsoft Teases Windows Mixed Reality Event

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The press is to see more of the Windows Mixed Reality-- aka the Microsoft combination of virtual and augmented reality-- at a special event come 3 October 2017, ahead of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update launch.

Windows Mixed RealitlyThe event should be an "opportunity to hear where Microsoft is headed next," and will have Kinect and HoloLens inventor Alex Kipman as speaker.

One can safely assume the event will host a variety of Windows Mixed Reality headsets, which should hit the market from 17 October. As seen at IFA 2017, Mixed Reality headsets come from a number of vendors, including Acer, HP, Dell and Lenovo. The trade show also hosted an Asus headset with unique polygonal design, but that one will only hit the market on Spring 2018.

Huawei Takes on Apple With "Real AI Phone" Promise

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Were you impressed by the iPhone X's Neural Engine-powered face-recognition? Huawei insists it isn't, as it posts a video on its Facebook page stating "facial recognition isn't for everyone."

Huawei AppleFollowing that, the video also claims it will unveil a "real AI phone" on 16 October 2017-- meaning its latest flagship, the Mate 10.

Marketing bombast aside, Huawei might have something actually interesting to show off with the Mate 10. After all, it will be the first phone powered with the Chinese company's latest system-on-a-chip, the Kirin 970. Presented at IFA 2017, the Kirin 970 carries a "Neural Processing Unit" (NPU), a set of processing cores dedicated to AI tasks.

And the Buyer of the Toshiba Memory Unit is...

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Toshiba appears to have decided on a buyer for its memory chip unit-- the consortium formed by Bain Capital and SK Hynix, together with some financial backing from Apple.

Toshiba memoryHowever, Reuters reports, Toshiba is still "not ruling out a deal with other bidders," making the lengthy process to sell the unit even more, well, lengthy. Reuters also says the decision to choose the Bain-led group comes after failure to bridge disagreements with the other main rival suitor, Western Digital.

“We are disappointed that Toshiba would take this action,” a WD statement reads. “Our goal has been — and remains — to reach a mutually beneficial outcome that satisfies the needs of Toshiba and its stakeholders.”

WD has complicated the sale of the deal, since it has a joint investment in a key Toshiba NAND production plant-- leading to a lawsuit from Toshiba over what it deems as interference.

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