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EU Reconsiders Copyright Fees

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ECMore than a year after the EC abandoned a similar effort, European Commissioner Charlie McCreevy, says (again) he wants to simplify copyright levies in the EU.

For example, levies on MP3 players range from 0 to 15 Euro depending on the country. According to EICTA, fees have more than tripled since 2001, when the EU passed its copyright law for the digital age. The law permitted copying of copyrighted works such as music for personal use, but allowed individual member states to set levels of levies to help compensate artists.

McCreevy launched a parallel initiative to extend copyright protection for performing artists from 50 years to 90 years. Both initiatives will require political approval from national governments.

Back to the Future of Copyright in EU

Dell Launches EMEA PartnerDirect

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 Lacking any more quick wit about the channel being inefficient middle men, Dell is supplementing its classic direct sales approach.

According to Josh Claman, GM Dell Channels EMEA, the pricing strategy would enable resellers to sell Dell equipment at the same price as Dell and still achieve “good margins.”

Despite being anti-channel for decades, Dell recently signed deals with large European retailers such as Carrefour, DSG and Tesco.

Video of DELL’s Deal for Partners

Staples Bids €2.5 billion for Corporate Express

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Staples proposes to buy Corporate Express shares for €7.25 each, a premium of approximately 67%.

Corporate Express rejects the proposal, saying "this proposal significantly undervalues the company and fails to reflect Corporate Express’ prospects…"

Staples makes public a letter sent to CE to provoke an official response.

Dear Corporate Express, Staples is Buying


NVidia Buys Ageia

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nVidiaComputer graphics board maker NVidia buys the dedicated Physics Processing Unit (PPU) maker.

The industry leader in gaming physics technology, AGEIA's PhysX® software is widely adopted with more than 140 PhysX-based games shipping or in development on Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, and gaming PCs. AGEIA physics software has more than 10,000 registered and active users of the PhysX SDK.

Go NVidia Buys A PPU

Panasonic’s Plasma Plan: Neo PDP

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150 inchPanasonic showed for the first time in Europe, the prototype of the world’s largest Flat Panel Display, 150-inch advanced high definition (HD) PDP.

Maybe even larger than the world’s largest flat panel display was the promise, the commitment Panasonic showed plasma by announcing a plan for a next generation: Neo PDP.




“Neo PDP” will combines advances for plasma in cell structure, process technology, and new drive technology. Neo PDP will save power, double the luminance efficiency, allow for larger sizes and  enable thinner models.

Neo PDP 2

Panasonic is passionate and committed to Plasma while others drop out. They now lead the pro large display market with the 150-inch PDP with an 8.84 million pixel resolution (4096 x 2160) - more than 4X the 1080p FHD specification (1920 x 1080).



The prototype is as large as nine 50-inch Plasma displays with an effective viewing area of 3.31 m (W) x 1.87 m (H).

Panasonic 150” PDP

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