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Google's Own Browser, "Chrome"

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The browser is the key to accessing web apps, so it's no surprise to see Google jump into the development of browser technology. And, of course, when they jump feet-first they land right on top of Microsoft and Internet Explorer. 

Chrome is now available as a free download.

GO Chrome

The Scent of the PC

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 Asus adds scent to four laptops. If this smells like good business, that’s because the scent is supposed to evoke certain moods from buyers.

Asus developed a heat-transfer print technology that embeds scent into clear plastic film. The film is applied to the notebook cover will last for up to six months. Cold weather extends the scent; sun and wind shortens it.

GO Asus Adds the Smell of Success

Winners of Orbitsound T12s

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The Reseller Park of IFA, in cooperation with The Distribution Channel Ltd. who publish Consumer IT, drew two prize winners. Each will receive an Orbitsound T12. A powered stereo sound bar and subwoofer with omnidrectional airSound technology, the T12 offers a simple big screen sound upgrade with dock and remote control.

GO Reseller Park

GO Orbitsound T12

Fashionable Dell Now

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It’s all about fashion and design at Dell now, as they talk about adding designers and selling off all their 11 factories. That brings the master of direct sales around to an Apple model. Analysts say the shift to notebooks clobbered Dell’s once-winning model based on custom-building desktops.

GO Dell Wants to Sell Off Factories

Gunmen Raid IFA Exhibitors

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Armed and dangerous (to exhibitors) gunmen raided IFA Berlin and took 170 televisions, 140 MP3 music players, 21 mobile phones and 57 DVD recorders.

Of course, these were just the German customs officials, the Zoll.

German CustomsZOLL2 In their biggest operation ever (complete with a pin wall noting the status of their 69 court orders), German customs and Federal police truly surprised IFA exhibitors (who should have known better after CeBIT.)

Germany is known as an “easy” place to enact a court order protecting copyright and intellectual property. And a public trade show is a good place to send a message. Director of IFA, Jens Heithecker, says, "The law is the law...we feel that some innocent exhibitors have unfortunately been affected without reason...We regret the way the operation was carried out and believe it would have been possible to perform it with a much more sensitive approach."

Go Attack of the Zoll (in German)

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