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Acer Puts Wheels on Predator Orion 900 Gaming PC

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Acer presents what it describes as its most powerful gaming PC yet at IFA 2017-- the Predator Orion 9000, a predictably massive machine, if one made a bit more portable through the addition of a pair of wheels.

Orion 9000“I don’t know if you noticed in the video, but we’ve actually put wheels on this one!” Acer exec Steven Funcke says during the presentation of the machine. “So even though this is a very big chassis, it’s even going to be a little bit portable for you.”

The Predator Orion 9000 comes in a number of configurations, maxing out with an Intel 18-core Core i9-7980XE processor, three M.2 SSD slots, 128GB DDR4 quad-channel RAM and either a pair of GeForce GTX Ti graphics cards in SLI or x4 AMD Radeon RX Vega cards in CrossFire mode. In addition it features both air and water cooling through the combination of a closed-loop liquid cooler with "IceTunnel 2.0" technology that “separates the system into several thermal zones, each with an individual airflow tunnel to expel heat.”

How to Turn the iPad into a 2nd MacBook Display

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AstroHQ presents a hardware means to turn the iPad into a full-on second Mac display-- the Luna Display, a tiny dongle allowing users to connect the tablet to their PC or notebook, wire-free.

Luna DisplayThe Luna Display plugs into the Mini DisplayPort or USB-C port found in modern Macs and MacBooks. It works together with a companion app on both Mac and iPad, using wifi to transfer data between the two.

According to AstroHQ, the hardware dongle taps into Macs' full graphics capabilities, including Metal GPU support. As such, it promises very high image quality with full Retina resolution and reliability across all visual media. One can also use the iPad touchscreen, with pinch to zoom, scrolling and even Apple Pencil support.

Insta360 Presents Flexible 360 Camera

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360-degree camera maker Insta360 presents another product ideal for customers wanting to take more immersive photography-- the Insta360 One, a camera able to shoot 24MP stills and 4K resolution video.

Insta360 OneThe One is a small device the size of a small sausage link. It features 2 cameras, and can either be plugged into the iPhone Lightning port or used remotely, with the phone acting as Bluetooth controller. Gyroscopic stabilisation promises more steady video recording, the main body has a built-in tripod mount and an included protective case doubles as a stand.

An interesting "FreeCapture" mode allows one to "shoot first, point later." This means one can take a 360-degree photo or video, then spin, pinch and zoom the image to frame a 16:9, 4:3 or 1:1 composition to create a 2D image. The camera can even edit out any selfie sticks for cleaner images.

PCs Drive HP Q3 2017 Results

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HP beats Wall Street expectations as it reports Q3 2017 revenues of $13.1 billion, a 10% Y-o-Y increase. However profits are down, slipping from $783 million in Q3 2016 to $696m.

HP WorkstationThat said, the company remains bullish about the results, particularly since the Personal Systems business sees "incredible" 12% Y-o-Y growth, bringing in revenues of $8.4bn. Commercial revenues are up by 11%, while consumer revenues increase by 14%. In addition, the company reports total shipments are up by 7%, driven by a 12% increase in notebook shipments.

Desktop and workstation shipments are down by -3% Y-o-Y.

WD Offers 20TB Storage With My Book Duo

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Western Digital launches what it says is its highest-capacity storage system yet-- the My Book Duo, a desktop RAID system featuring capacity reaching up to 20TB.

My book DuoThe My Book Duo connects to PCs via USB 3.1, and provides performance reaching up to 360MB/s sequential read via USB-C port. For compatibility with older machines and connection of additional accessories (including drones, action cameras, card readers, keyboards, mice, USB drives or phones) it also features with two USB 3.0 Type-A ports.

WD adds the firmware is RAID-optimised, making it "perfect" for two-disk array systems with drive operation auto management, helping ensure read/write cycle data integrity. Security is also included in the shape of password protection and 256-bit AES hardware encryption with built-in WD Security software.

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