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Staples Finds Buyer With Sycamore

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Following months of speculation on the fate of the office supply chain, Sycamore Partners emerges as the buyer of Staples in a deal worth $6.9 billion, the largest acquisition for the private equity firm.

StaplesThe announcement comes just over 13 months after the federal judge dashed the $6.3bn acquisition of Staples by rival Office Depot over fears the merger would create an office supply monopoly.

“With an iconic brand, a winning strategy, and dedicated and passionate associates who are deeply focused on the customer, Staples is truly an outstanding enterprise,” Sycamore says. “We have tremendous confidence in CEO Shira Goodman and great respect for the Staples management team and are excited about this opportunity to partner with them to accelerate long-term profitability.”

An SSD as Assault Rifle

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Taiwanese memory maker Apacer launches an SSD with a striking appearance-- the PT920 Commando PCIe NVMe SSD has a look more akin to a science fiction prop than regular storage device.

Commando SSDThe company says the design is "inspired by an assault rifle... with details like sight aperture and ejection port." As one might expect, the SSD is aimed at the gamer market, seeing how it follows other PC components with a military-themed look, such as the Gigabyte G1-Killer Assassin motherboard.

Micron Incident Disrupts DRAM Supply

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According to TrendForce, Micron suspended the operations of its Inotera Fab-2 fabrication plant in Taiwan following a malfunction of a nitrogen gas dispensing system, leading a disruption in DRAM production.

Fab-2The Fab-2 site accounts 5.5% of global DRAM production, with an output of 60000 wafer starts per month. This means the disruption will lead to a spike in memory prices, at least according to DRAMeXchange, the TrendForce memory price tracking service. Fab-2 produces DRAM used in PCs, servers and mobile devices, and supply chain news site Evertiq claims it is even makes memory for the iPhone.

"Inotera is also mainly responsible for manufacturing Micron’s LPDDR4 products that go into Apple’s supply chain for iPhone," Evertiq says. "The temporary shutdown of Fab-2 could have an impact on shipments of the upcoming new iPhone devices as well."

John McAfee Settles With Intel Over Name

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Colourful antivirus pioneer John McAfee decides to settle with Intel, following the dismissal of his September 2016 lawsuit (and Intel countersuit) over the right to use his name on other projects.

John McafeeAs Reuters reports, McAfee sued Chipzilla after a warning that renaming his latest venture, MGT Capital Investments, as "John McAfee Global Technologies Inc." would infringe its trademarks. In turn, Intel countered with accusations of trademark infringement and unfair competition.

The reportedly amicable settlement has McAfee agree to not use his name, trademark his name or the phrase "John McAfee Privacy Phone" or use "John McAfee Global Technologies" in connection with security-related products or services. He retains the right to use his name in advertising, promotions and presentations, including in regard to his former role at McAfee the company, which he sold to Intel for $7.7 billion back in 2010.

EKWB Intros M.2 NVMe Heatsink

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EKWB HeatsinkSlovenia-based liquid cooling specialist EKWB announces an M.2 NVMe heatsink solution designed for next generation SSD storage promising to make an 8-11 degree Celsius difference, or "even more with sufficient airflow."

Available in black or nickel colour options, the heatsink features a simple design reliant on airflow coming from the front. The fins run parallel lengthwise, picking up heat by passing airflow before it exits at the back.

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