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WD Redesigns My Cloud Home Storage

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Western Digital announces a new version of the My Cloud Home wireless backup devices, featuring a sleeker design, simpler setup and an improved app.

My Cloud HomeThe first and most apparent addition to the My Cloud Home devices is the design-- a more angular, two-tone affair with a textured bottom half. This makes them very different from the more rounded "book" style of the previous versions. Also getting a redesign is the companion app, now named My Cloud Home (from just My Cloud).

The Asus ROG Laptop With a 144Hz Display

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IFA Sees Asus reveal the ROG Chimera, a gaming laptop featuring what the company claims is an industry first-- a 144Hz 17.3-inch display complete with Nvidia G-Sync technology.

Asus ROG ChimeraAs typical of gaming laptops the Chimera is a hefty 51mm-thick machine, allowing it to carry components such as an unlocked Intel Core i7-7820HK processor and desktop-class GeForce GTX 1080 GPU. Such specs promise to power ultra-smooth graphics running on the 144Hz display.

To keep temperatures down, the chassis carries four radiators sitting behind exhaust fins flanking the rear corners. Each radiator has fins 0.1mm thick, increasing the surface area for heat dissipation for more efficient cooling. Also included are x2 fans running on 12V power.

Logitech Goes Craft With Flagship Keyboard

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Logitech launches an "advanced" keyboard at IFA 2017-- the Craft, a device aimed at professionals and creatives featuring the Crown, a "creative input dial" users can customise to handle any number of tasks.

Logitech CraftThe Crown sits on the top left part of the keyboard, and is very reminiscent of the standalone Surface Dial from Microsoft. It serves a similar purpose, allowing one to do image adjustments in Adobe Photoshop, jog video in Adobe Premiere, scroll through an Excel spreadsheet or even navigate a Spotify playlist with a twist. One can also click the dial in for a second function.

Setting up the Crown comes through Logitech Options software for the assignment of turns or clicks to what Logitech claims is pretty much all apps. In the near future developers will also get an SDK for further software integration.

HTC to Sell Off VR Business?

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HTC is going through a spot of financial trouble, Bloomberg reports-- and to solve such woes the company considers either selling or spinning off its Vive virtual reality business.

HTC ViveAccording to anonymous sources HTC is working with an adviser as it weighs between "bringing in a strategic investor, selling its Vive virtual reality headset business or spinning off the unit." Apparently a number of companies are interested, including Google, but HTC will probably not be sold in full since "it isn’t an obvious fit for a single acquirer."

HTC has been refocusing from smartphones to high-end VR, but while IDC reports Q1 2017 Vive headset shipments total over 190000, these are still not enough. In fact, the company has recently slashed headset prices by $200 in an effort to expand both sales and user base, two factors it believes are more important than earnings.

Dell Updates Rugged Latitude 7212 Tablet

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Dell announces an update of its tough 12-inch tablet-- the Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tablet, ideal for customers wanting a device able to withstand harsh military, public safety and industrial environments.

Latitude 7212The Latitude 7212 has an 11.6-inch display and comes with either 6th or 7th generation Intel processors, 8/16GB RAM, from 128GB to 1TB storage and up to two separate 34Wh hot-swappable batteries offering up to 19 hours of use. It is also backwards compatible with docking solutions for desks and vehicles.

The OS of choice is Windows 10, but customers can downgrade the tablet to Windows 7 for use in work environments relying on older software. Dell also offers enterprise-ready security and management software for the protection of data and sensitive information for field service, public safety and military professionals.

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