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New iPhones, Watch, Apple TV at September Apple Event

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The 12th of September sees Apple inaugurate its new, purpose-built theatre-- named, of course, the Steve Jobs Theatre-- with the launch of the latest iPhone models, as well as the Watch Series 3 and the Apple TV 4K.

iphone 8 splashFollowing an preamble on the state of the Apple Store by retail chief Angela Ahrendts, Tim Cook took to the stage to present the next version of the Watch. First off was the revelation the Watch is now the top watch in the world, beating even the likes of Rolex and Fossil, while customer satisfaction is no less than 97%. The company also claims the Watch is now the most used heart rate monitor in the world.

But what is really interesting is the next generation of Watch-- Watch Series 3, now with built-in cellular radio for truly bringing the Dick Tracy 2-way wrist radio dream to life. The smartwatch shares a number with the user's iPhone, streams Apple Music and pairs with with the AirPods. Powering it is a new dual-core processor promising a 70% performance boost, together with a custom W2 wifi/Bluetooth chip. Handling cellular connectivity is an electronic SIM, while the antenna is built right into the display.

Xiaomi Takes on MacBook Pro With Mi Notebook Pro

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Xiaomi follows on last year's Mi Notebook Air with a take on the MacBook Pro-- the Mi Notebook Pro, a 15.6-inch laptop powered by the latest Intel quad-core i7 processor.

Mi Note ProAlso found inside the Mi Notebook Pro are up to 16GB RAM, up to 1TB SSD storage and, as an alternative to Intel integrated graphics, an Nvidia GeForce MX 150 chip. The display is clad in Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and has side bezels of just 6.25mm, with the webcam built inside the top bezel.

Logitech Brings Trackball Back

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MX ErgoLogitech makes a surprise announcement with the MX Ergo-- the company's first trackball mouse since the M750, a trackball released way back in 2010.

The MX Ergo combines the trackball features of the M750 with the industrial design of the MX Master S2. It includes customisable back/forwards buttons, support for the multi-PC Flow feature and connectivity via either Bluetooth or Logitech Unifying receiver. Charging comes through included micro USB cable.

Bosch Analyses Stains at IFA 2017

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IFA is traditionally the home of weird and wonderful gadgets, but the winner for the 2017 award for weirdest and most wonderful might be no other than German conglomerate Bosch and its prototype clothing stain analyser.

Bosch Stain AnalyserDubbed the X-Spect, the handheld device looks like a TV remote and comes complete with a small screen and capacitive touch buttons. It essentially scans fabrics and stains before suggesting how to best wash the garment in question. An IFA demonstration even had the X-Spect paired via wifi with a Bosch washing machine, allowing it to send optimal washing instructions.

That said, the current model can only determine two component materials in a fabric, and is able to read four different types of stains, including chocolate and lipstick. However Bosch plains to increase the number to 16 to match with Bosch washing machine stain-cleaning presets.

Acer 360-Degree Cameras at IFA 2017

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IFA 2017 has Acer launch a pair of 360-degree LTE-connected cameras-- the Holo360 and the Vision360, with the former aimed at general use and the latter being an in-car dash cam.

Acer 360 Degree camerasThe Holo360 is the size and shape of a smartphone, and uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor to stitch 4K resolution 360-degree videos. It features a 3-inch touchscreen and runs on Android 7.1, making it easy to share videos without need for connection to a smartphone or PC.

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